Democrats Laying the Groundwork For 2016 Catastrophe

Democrats may have gone to bed crying softly into their pillows in the wee hours of early Wednesday morning last week but awoke determined to double down on exactly what it was that got their clocks cleaned in the first place. You would think that after receiving such an ass-whipping that there would be some sort of soul-searching and a recalibrating of the party strategy prior to 2016. But we are talking about the blue jackass party here so the only logical thing to do with the iceberg in sight is to order the engine room to crank it up to ramming speed. Thursday the Senate Democrats once again elected Harry Reid to be their leader.

The intrepid Reid’s fingerprints were all over the great beat down of 2014 and early indications are that they will also be on the amidships torpedo hit in two years if Queen Hillary the Inevitable gets rejected in her Quixotic grab for power. Republican strategists must be salivating at the prospect of Democrat self-immolation – that is if they can stop bickering among themselves and take advantage of this rare historical opportunity to deliver the killing blow to their nemesis.  The scheming Karl Rove once spoke of a “permanent Republican majority”, he could never deliver it though. That prophesy is within reach if all that the GOP does is simply stay out of the Democrats way as they continue to march off the cliff like blue-bellied lemmings.

According to a story from the website of The Washington Post entitled “Sen. Harry M. Reid sees dissent but holds onto Democratic leadership role”:

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid faced the first internal opposition to his grip on power Thursday as at least six Democrats rejected his bid for another leadership term during an emotional meeting following last week’s drubbing in the midterm elections.

Quelling a small but vocal rebellion, Reid (D-Nev.) won reelection to another term atop the caucus, now as minority leader after eight years in the majority. But his victory came only after a 31 / 2-hour meeting that became a forum for political grievances and a rollout of an expanded leadership team meant to balance the caucus’s ideological and regional diversity.

Four straight election victories had produced unwavering support and increasing power for Reid in the Democratic caucus, but the repudiation on Nov. 4 tested his clout.

On Thursday, he listened to his critics complain about the party’s campaign agenda, and some demanded that he steer away from confrontation with Republicans.

But Reid had no trouble securing the leadership spot because hell, if you are in a hole just keep right on digging until it becomes a grave. This should do wonders for the party base which in a rejection of both failed President Barack Obama and the thorough rot of the party leadership stayed home in the mid-terms. There is already more trouble brewing with the desperate Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana getting behind a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline in the Senate next week. The Democrats are also scrambling to ensure that there will be no real reform of the NSA Stasi’s domestic surveillance and data-mining programs. This will endear the party to environmentalists who will vote Green in 2016 as well as principled progressives who will likely vote likewise or just stay home. It is fascinating to watch this slow motion train wreck because the party is determined to stay the course leading to political extinction.

Reid’s smoothest early move has been to eliminate an anti-Hillary voice in giving liberal heroine Senator Elizabeth Warren a “special” leadership post as an “envoy” to the party base or in cruder terms, a Judas goat. A column from The Boston Herald, “Harry Reid plays Elizabeth Warren like a chump with new post” sees this as the Machiavellian political masterstroke that it is.

It’s an offer she couldn’t refuse — but should have.

Harry Reid and his loser Democratic colleagues dangled a meaningless leadership post in front of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and she took the bait.

Hillary Clinton must be getting a big, loud laugh out of this one. Warren is the biggest threat to her path to the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and now the Massachusetts senator is on the party’s leadership team. The same team that just got smoked by the voters.

How can Warren lead a liberal insurgency against Clinton when she’s no longer an insurgent? A few weeks ago she was getting headlines calling out the Senate for being sexist. Now the headline is, “Warren takes Senate leadership post.”

Taking Reid’s offer is a risky move for the freshman senator’s future. If Democrats lose big again in two years, she will get part of the blame. After all, she is the “strategic policy adviser for the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.”

It brings to mind Lyndon B. Johnson’s classic comment that he’d rather have him “inside of the tent pissing out than outside of the tent pissing in”. So it is all in on a proven bad game plan in order to feed the lust for power of the Clinton mafia who may have a crackerjack political organization but a bad product that may not be able to close the deal with voters. The much hyped war on women figures to be a big part of Hillary’s 2016 campaign but consider all the good it did last week when it went up like a big, stinky bag of flaming dogshit parked on the doorstep at DNC headquarters. But hey, this is just how the Democrats roll anymore.

After the Tuesday massacre Obama wasted no time in continuing to alienate progressives. He nearly immediately announced that more troops would be sent to Iraq and has spent the past week slithering around the Pacific selling the highly secretive TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) which is another job killing corporate giveaway. He has also renewed the vitriolic and lie-filled Putin bashing after a brief hiatus in a signal that the great neocon rebooting of the Cold War is on again. The reviled Russian leader is leaving early from the G20 summit in Australia after being set upon by the yappy little attack poodles of Uncle Scam, notably the fascists Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper, either of which cold stand in for Norsefire Party Chancellor Adam Sutler in the movie “V For Vendetta”.

The imminent TPP deal is especially vile in that it indicates a degree of collusion between Obama and newly crowned Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who are on the same page when it comes to screwing Americans over for their corporate benefactors. McConnell is taking fire from the right though so he has now launched the smokescreen of Obama’s “War on Coal” after dear leader wandered off the reservation with his recent climate deal with China. This is the truest barometer of just how batshit fucking crazy that America has become in that every goddamned thing has to be a “war”. There is the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on women, the war on obesity, the war on Christmas and far too many other “wars” to list here. What it all amounts to is a war on everything that was once decent in this country as well as a final pitchfork in the ass of anything that it was alleged to have once stood for. Why not just admit it that the war on stupidity was lost long ago. Our pathetically failed political system is a damning testament to that.

So now the perfect storm is coming for the Democratic party as it currently exists under the abominable master plan of running as less overtly fascist Republicans and cherry-picking special interest groups for votes. The turnout in the mid-terms was reportedly the lowest in 72 years and there is a reason for this that goes beyond the obvious voter suppression tactics and deluge of corporate money. As I recently wrote in my piece “The Democrats Got What They Deserved” the party has grave problems right now due to years of rottenness, fecklessness, deal-cutting and betrayal under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The term “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” has been used by the right-wingers with great effect when it came to demonizing the French for their less-than lockstep support of neocon wars of aggression. It could more appropriately be applied to the Congressional leadership of the Democrats, particularly with Mr. Reid who is already carving out a big wedge of limburger to nosh on in the new GOP controlled Senate.

The American nightmare continues but don’t expect to wake up anytime soon because now all that the Republicans have to do is keep it together and cobble together a message that appeals to a slightly wider demographic and they will control the political system for generations. They may not even have to do that considering that the Democrats are hellbent on hitching their wagon to that “drearily soulless, principle-free, power-hungry veteran of DC’s game of thrones” who is Hillary Clinton. It was her hubby who wedded the Democrats to corporate and Wall Street interests and only fitting that she will be the one who finishes the job of destroying the party that used to stand for FDR style economic fairness before it sold it’s wretched soul and sold the rest of us down the river in the process.


Democrats Got What They Deserved

Guess I got what I deserve

Guess I got what I deserve

Kept you waiting there, too long my love

All that time, without a word

Didn’t know you’d think, that I’d forget, or I’d regret

The special love I have for you

My baby Blue

-Badfinger “Baby Blue”

It was a very cold morning indeed on Wednesday November 5, 2014. It was a day of reckoning for a Democratic party that had just suffered an electoral bloodbath as savage as a Rob Zombie slasher flick. The thorough drubbing of the blue jackass party was not unexpected given mounting ominous signs as well as the increasingly unpopular President Barack Obama who is at best a complete fraud. While triumphant Republicans are touting the stomping as a repudiation of the hated Obama what goes unsaid is that the results are a rejection of a Democratic party strategy based on running only slightly to the left of their more overtly fascist counterparts. Democrats have come to stand for absolutely nothing outside of what it takes to save their own miserable skins and are a shell of what the party once was when it championed a vibrant middle class that was the envy of the civilized world. The chickens finally came home to roost on Tuesday but they may as well have been vultures descending to pick the remaining flesh from the rotting corpse of a major political party.

Not only did the GOP gain control of the Senate but picked up House seats and won a number of what were to be close Governor’s races. Florida’s reptilian Rick Scott beat back a challenge by former Republican Charlie Crist and union busting thug Scott Walker — who survived a recall attempt — won reelection in Wisconsin. This was a year in which a woman who is a proud hog-castrator actually won a Senate seat in Iowa which speaks volumes about the political system in America today. Professional obstructionist Mitch McConnell easily prevailed in Kentucky and now will become Senate Majority Leader replacing the insipid Harry Reid which is probably the best thing that can be said about the elections. Reid’s fingerprints are all over the disaster as are those of fellow Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi who really planted the seeds for the debacle back in 2006 with those five little words that “impeachment is off the table”. By establishing that the Democrats had zero interest in extracting the necessary accountability from the historically criminal Bush-Cheney regime and it’s despicable gaggle of war criminals, 9/11 profiteers, torturers, thieves and murderers, the chain of events leading to Tuesday’s bludgeoning was set into motion.

The Democrats are now at a crossroads in that they are becoming the political equivalent of the Ebola virus and are turning off more voters by the day, especially independents and progressives. Sure there was the usual voter suppression, laws designed to prevent non-white people from voting and of course the billions of dollars spent by pigs like the Koch brothers and their ilk to rig the game. Such things tend to happen in our star-spangled banana republic where greed, cheating and hypocrisy are the coin of the realm. While outrageous and decidedly undemocratic they however tend to serve as a crutch in the ongoing failure to address the real problem in that despite much lip-service the Democrats buried the dagger in the backs of the working class years ago. By failing to even attempt to appeal to certain segments of the population (“Reagan Democrats”) that were easily plucked by Republican demagogues like the low-hanging fruit they are the party betrayed core principles of economic fairness and helped to put the American dream on life support. The late, great Joe Bageant wrote much on this and his work should be required reading for any who seek to understand how we came to be in this dismal state.

Were the Democrats to actually become serious advocates of the poor and downtrodden and denounce the destructive forces of late stage predatory capitalism and imperialism, people would turn out to vote in such numbers that no amount of dirty money or voter suppression could overcome it. But then again if my aunt had a pair of balls she’d be my uncle. The Democrats – under the current leadership – will never eschew corporate money nor take a moral stand on anything outside of their phony identity group politics. It is always easy to preach the message of equal rights for all and then proceed to sh*t on every last one of those who were gullible enough to believe it after the votes have been counted. It sure as hell didn’t work out on Tuesday and it won’t work in 2016 either. Enough people are now able to see through it as the dishonest horseshit that it always was. Just ask Hispanics who were counting on serious immigration reform from Obama and his party.

There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth on the so-called left but little to no real acknowledgement of exactly why voters have come to dislike and distrust the Democrats. I have a number of liberal and progressive friends who either stayed home out of disgust with the Dems to punish Obama or went to the polls and voted for libertarians, Greens and no party affiliate candidates. I really don’t expect Democratic party bosses to get it before next election in which the coronation of Queen Hillary the Inevitable has been preordained since 2008 and they will only insist on pushing a failed product that has fewer buyers now than ever.

Now the Democrats are turning on each other like starved weasels trapped inside a raw sewage pipe after getting walloped and trying to shed their own culpability. According to the Washington Post, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s staff is caterwauling about a lack of support from Obama while David Axelrod went on MSNBC and called for a house cleaning. The circular firing squad is already forming but there is no honest discussion over what it is about what is truly wrong with the Democratic party. It is a deep state of denial bordering on fugue and there is no easy fixing of this hot mess in time for the next round in 2016 which the talking heads are already masturbating over. Democrats may have gone to bed crying softly into their pillows in the wee hours of early Wednesday morning but awoke determined to double down on exactly what it was that got their clocks cleaned in the first place.

In what should be an ominous sign for Democrats, not even Bill Clinton could salvage their hopes when he was trotted out a few weeks ago to stump for candidates like the doomed Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky. Despite mass denial among party loyalists it may not be a good idea to bet the farm on Hillary being able to deliver as expected in two years. The Clintons used to be fresh back in 1992 when they were the sign of a new generation assuming it’s position atop the nation’s political establishment and were adored by millions then. That however was one hell of a long time ago. Today Bill and Hillary Clinton are symbols of a terminally corrupt, atrophied, insider packed political class who have zero chance at connecting with the younger generation. Obama pulled it off six years ago but like everything else that the prince of petulance has touched it all turned to sh*t leaving those millions of potentially long term energized voters up for grabs. So much for Advertising Age’s 2008 Marketer of the Year.

The Republicans as always are prone to overreach and could very well self-destruct in a state of raw hubris. This is especially so with the new Senate providing even more power to insane warmongers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two fanatics who seem to be sexually aroused over any possibility of freshly spilled blood. There will be no end to war with the Republican majority and come early next year it is inevitable that Bibi “the chickenshit” Netanyahu will be greeted by thunderous applause like a conquering hero in front of a joint session of Congress. There will be a scuttling of any talks with Iran, a renewed push for a catastrophic confrontation with nuclear armed Russia over neocon operations in Ukraine and those oh so precious “boots on the ground” will be marching in Iraq in vastly increasing numbers. But a GOP blowup isn’t likely in that the Democratic establishment is just as enamored with war, the destruction of civil liberties and corporate looting as their more ostentatious counterparts. Hell, the first thing that Obama did outside of kissing the asses of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner after the apocalypse was to announce that more troops were being sent to fight the bad ass bogeyman ISIS.

There is a word that can be used to describe any who are optimistic that the Democrats will be able to turn on a dime and quickly return to power in 2016 and that word is “fools”. It is astonishing that such a reversal of fortune has taken place in less than a decade but for the most part that bog of shit and quicksand that Dems are being sucked under by is entirely of their own creation. They stood by Obama as his hatchet man Eric Holder passed out get out of jail free cards to Wall Street criminals, over the drone strikes, the kill list served up with his breakfast, the extrajudicial murder of American citizens, ginned up wars based on lies, a bullshit health care “reform” effort that was nothing but a big, sloppy kiss to insurance parasites with plenty of tongue, NSA surveillance and data-mining and the moral outrage of backing neo-Nazi death squads in Ukraine. So fuck them, they earned every bit of that ass-whipping and now before the bodies from the massacre have even cooled are getting in line for seconds.

What is truly unbelievable about the Democrat’s 2014 implosion is that it has paved the way for the unthinkable in that the Bush crime family now has a clear path back to power. Were this a work of fiction the title of the final installment of the trilogy of terror would be “The Bush Supremacy”. Who would have believed that such a thing could ever happen back in 2008 but such are the unintended consequences when “impeachment is off the table”.