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Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost in Kiev

While having lunch at a local eatery on Thursday, the television was on and the area news channel was spewing the same lies and State Department talking points on the vilified Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The patrons at the lunch counter were all staring into the electronic crackpipe as they mentally digested the daily dispersal of bullshit while I nearly choked on my 5.99 blue plate special meatloaf. Things have never been what they are sold as in Ukraine, anyone who is inclined to stay informed can easily do so in the era of the internet and social media. But despite the overwhelming propaganda that has been disbursed in the insane and desperate efforts to shore up the useless Cold War dinosaur NATO and wage a neocon concocted proxy war against Putin, events in Ukraine appear on the brink of getting very interesting.

Journalist Michael Collins, in a piece published at OpEd News entitled “Fascists Units and Regular Army Head for Kiev-Maidan Anti Gov Protests” writes of events on the ground as defeated junta troops and fascist thugs are returning to Kiev in droves. They are angry that US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression backed junta has betrayed them. I excerpt the following at length from his excellent piece:

Ukraine may be headed for another round of Maidan Square protests that dwarf those seen in February. Regular army soldiers and special fascist punisher battalions are leaving the battle field with a very bad attitude toward the government of United States puppet, President Petro Poroshenko.

Things are not going well for the United States backed government in Kiev, Ukraine. Early last week, President Poroshenko spoke confidently of wrapping up the so-called Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the eastern part of the country by August 24, Ukraine’s independence day. Instead of a victory parade after pummeling the large eastern cities of Donetsk and Lugansk into the ground, eastern resistance forces upstaged the Kiev celebration. The militia of the Donetsk Peoples Republic marched captured Kiev army troops down the main street of that city in their own independence celebration. Poroshenko’s conquest was foiled.

By the end of August, the Ukraine central government could no longer deny significant military losses at the hands of the resistance in the eastern part of the country. Thousands of government troops have been trapped in resistance cauldrons. Army forces face a stark choice: surrender and hand over your weapons and equipment or attempt to fight your way out and die. In the Southern Cauldron, most of the six thousand Ukraine troops were injured, killed, or surrendered. That process has repeated itself over the past few weeks in other battles and cauldrons.

As Kiev’s military disaster became more evident, President Poroshenko spoke of a Russian invasion, at least that’s what the mainstream media tried to sell us. However, this was an exaggeration based on a translation error or misunderstanding. The Kiev government needs the Russian bogeyman to explain the rapid change from promised military victories to resounding defeats at Krasnyi Luch, Ilovaysk, Lugansk, and Donetsk.

While Poroshenko blames the Russians and the U.S. and EU shamelessly echo the allegations of a Russian invasion before their NATO meeting, the soldiers of the Ukraine have their own strongly held beliefs. This documentary news footage reveals makes clear the depth of the feelings of betrayal. They’re angry and they plan to join the protest already underway in Kiev’s Maidan Square, the sight of the violent riots that chased the elected President of Ukraine across the border to Russia.

Protests in Maidan Square in early August turned violent. That action was quelled and the square was cleared of protesters, to some extent, by August 9. Quickly, people returned to protest the failed policies of the government.

The threat of real army troops joining the protests may spell the end of the U.S. backed Poroshenko government. It has the potential to turn the capital into a bloodbath far in excess of anything seen in the lead up to the U.S. backed coup of late February.

A commentator pointed out that the original protesters committed acts of violence with fires, rocks, and anything they could get their hands on to literally beat Kiev security forces. This time, the protesters will have guns.

Nazis have historically found the old “stabbed in the back” fairy tale to be particularly useful in justifying their violence. They are heading to Kiev now, bloodied and humiliated by an insurgency that was largely motivated by survival and they are pissed. It is an interesting play on the finale of William L. Shirer’s classic history of the Nazis which started off with “The war came home to Germany”. Just substitute “Kiev” for “Germany” and enjoy the show as mobs will again fill the Maiden only this time it will be the asses of the U.S. puppets Arseniy  “Yats” Yatsenyuk and Petro “the Chocolate King” Poroshenko whose heads they will want mounted on pikes.

Obama and his neocon infested State Department have really created a mess in Ukraine and El Presidente’s stopover at the great NATO conference this week continues to underline the fact that one of the U.S. chief executive’s critical job requirements is to pimp for American defense contractors. Just like in the great Nicholas Cage movie “Lord of War” in the critical scene where Cage’s international arms dealer Yuri Orlov explains to Agent Jack Valentine who has appears to have finally got his man: “..the biggest arms dealer in the world is your boss, the President of the United States, who ships more merchandise in a day than I do in a year.”  This is what Barry is slumming around with Eurotrash like Fogh Anders Rasmussen and his ilk for, it’s just more out front now – and then there is of course the golf course. The pigs of NATO are conveniently holding their big whoop-de-do this year at the Celtic Manor Golf Resort where they can spend plenty of time jacking-each other off between holes.

Friday also was the day that a cease fire agreement was reached in Ukraine, seems like Porshenko is ready to cry uncle and start planning his escape before the rabble is surrounding his palace. Both he and that chicken-legged little twit “Yats” are likely in full Martin Bormann mode because hell is coming back to the Maiden. I excerpt again from Collins’ excellent piece “Fascists Units and Regular Army Head for Kiev-Maidan Anti Gov Protests”:

The head of Right Sector, one of the fascist political organizations, announced that today his party would join the Maidan protests demanding accountability from the standing government for shortcomings that contributed to defeats in the east. Just two weeks ago, Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh, had called for protests in Maidan as a result of discrimination against his organization. Yarosh was the protest leader who lead the refusal to honor the deal that would have ended the February Maidan protests peacefully.

Right Sector’s Azov Battalion is one of several punitive battalions attacking civilian centers in the eastern Ukraine. Aidar, Dnepr, and Donbass are other punitive battalions. As George Eliason pointed out in his first hand account of events in Novorussia (i.e. eastern Ukraine), the punitive battalions perform a Punisher/Cleansing function “from village to village and city to city after [they are] cleared of militia. Their only purpose has been the mutilation and mass murder of defenseless, unarmed people” ( Sep 2). These are the very troops leaving the battle front in the east, carrying their weapons with them, to join the new Maidan protests.

The courageous George Eliason, an American who lives in Ukraine has provided in his latest dispatch a good idea of the type of sadistic vermin and scum that are coming home to Papa Poroshenko in his piece “My Encounter with Ukrainian-American Nazi Mark Paslawsky: What He Died For” which is also at OpEd News along with George’s other fine work. In his piece George describes the harrowing situation in Ukraine, which is nothing like the electronic sewage that is fed to Americans by a corrupt, corporate state media. In particular the “punisher” units that Collins writes of. I excerpt from Mr. Eliason:

The Donbas Battalion and Symeon Sementchenko are not regular army, nor have they been directly involved in heavy combat until recently. Donbas battalion is a Punisher/ Cleansing Battalion that goes from village to village and city to city after it is cleared of militia. Their only purpose has been the mutilation and mass murder of defenseless, unarmed people.

In my articles updating the events of the war I have mentioned the mass murder, torture, and mutilation Sementchenko’s Donbas battalion has left in its wake on a number of occasions. It is responsible for cutting the hands and feet off live people before killing them.

In the village of Snowy they took males age 14-60 suspected of sympathizing with the referendum or militia (now Novo Russiya Army) into the street and shot them in cold blood. They routinely tortured people for information. In the town of Friendly, the Donbas battalion shot into the houses and murdered everyone they thought were sympathetic to the referendum.

In early July, Oleg Dube, one of Donbass Battalions more committed volunteers fighting “separatists” had a falling out with Sementchenko because of the murder and cowardice displayed by the battalion in Nikolaeka. On his facebook page on July 7th he wrote : When they entered Nikolaevka, there were only unarmed townspeople there. They knew going in there was no militia. He describes the battalion filled with cowards shooting everything that moved and throwing grenades into the houses, cellars, and every structure, killing everyone and everything they came across.

Sementchenko attested to the authenticity himself by posting his answer to Oleg Dube. “Who is in the Military Prosecutor’s Office? In wartime such allegations are unacceptable. Religious strife in the battalion will not be tolerated.” He then stated that if people believed it, they were losing the information war.

Oleg Dube was arrested and detained in Izyumske. Later on to make a point to the battalion, Sementchenko reportedly made him kneel in front of the battalion and urinated on him.

The grotesque nature of the neo-Nazi murderers and torturerss that the Obama administration has backed is a shameful blot on the pissed-away for chump change legacy of this once great country. Not even Bush and Cheney ever went so far as to back neo-Nazis as Obama has but when a top adviser is the psychotic anti-Russian fanatic Zbigniew Brzezinski it is not hard to understand how a man with no soul like Obama could be the U.S. president who would bring back the horrors of Nazism to Europe.

And where in the fuck are those satellite images of the shooting down of MH17?


(Image: Graham Phillips)




Democrats: The Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil

As the old saying goes, “the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. It is remarkable as to how applicable that this saying is when applied to President Barack Obama. Obama was widely hailed as the man who would lead the nation out of the dark wilderness of the Bush-Cheney years of war, torture, mass-surveillance, destruction of civil liberties and grand scale theft by the jackals of high finance. Now it is apparent that Obama is not only a fraud but is arguably far worse than Bush and Cheney because because he kills with a smile, in particularly when it is the extrajudicial murders of American citizens who just happen to be on the “kill list” that is brought to him alongside his morning orange juice.

Fozzie Bear fascism has been a hot seller in the USA! USA! USA! under Obama and far too many fail to realize that there has been not only a seamless continuity bridging the road to hell of Bush-Cheney but actually a codifying of their worst policies. President Barack Obama and his criminal administration have enabled the worst thieves on Wall Street, enhanced and expanded the NSA’s surveillance and data-mining operations, enabled and supported war criminals conducting ethnic cleansing and murder operations in Gaza and Ukraine and currently has the country on a path to World War III with Russia.

The corrupt state-corporate media never calls bullshit, instead covering up for the worst of Obama’s policies and acts while focusing on minutiae, spinning identity group issues so as to cover his previous indifference – for example to gays – and painting him as a victim of a deeply entrenched racist opposing party hellbent at undermining his agenda. Nothing could be farther than the truth – Obama is carriyng out his exact aganda and outside of the political circus of the dueling cults of the red elephant and the blue jackass there is rock-solid bipartisan support for what reallyi matters to these people: war, fascism and wealth extraction.

With the dismal failure of the media to provide honest coverage it is always great to see grass roots groups who are dedicated to freedom, justice and dignity getting their message out. As George W. Bush once flippantly remarked – “you need to catapult the propaganda” he was onto something.

Following up on an article that I recently wrote on a Florida activist group’s efforts to get out the word on the U.S. support of Israeli war crimes and genocide in my piece “Florida Group Bypasses Media to Get Word Out on Israeli War Crimes” I am proud to have been able to participate in an email interview with members of St. Pete for Peace. The group is currently engaged in an informational campaign to spread awareness that the Democrats are truly no better than their more overtly fascist counterparts when it comes to the business of America: WAR. The group is also running a contest “NOT The Lesser of Two Evils” which this writer strongly encourages that you take a look at.

DONN MARTEN: Why is St. Pete for Peace doing this contest?

CHRIS ERNESTO: The contest was designed to get people to think about the still rampant believe among many liberals and progressives that the Democratic Party is better than the Republican Party.

For almost 12 years St. Pete for Peace has been presenting facts to dispel this myth, but we felt we needed to take it up a notch and challenge people via this contest. The contest is also designed to give people an outlet for expressing their disgust with the one party system here in the US.

DONN MARTEN: You say that Democrats are just as egregious as Republicans. Why is this?

CHRIS ERNESTO: St. Pete for Peace is non-partisan, which means we can be objective, unlike most people who label themselves Democrats or Republicans. Because of this objectivity, it’s been very easy to conclude that Democrats are at least as egregious as Republicans.

Look no further than Barack Obama’s foreign policy. We believe war is the worst possible thing that can happen in society. In part because war inevitably includes death, suffering, poverty, sexual assaults, depression, homelessness, child abuse, environmental destruction, drug addiction, disease, misery, anger, and much more, all of which is bad.

Many people believe Obama less of a warmonger than George W. Bush, but Obama has dropped bombs on 6 countries compared to the 4 countries bombed under Bush.

And Obama has simply replaced US boots on the ground with drones, mercenaries and Special Ops. In fact Obama has deployed US Special Forces to 134 countries – compared to 60 under Bush.

He has significantly increased the US military footprint in Africa – at least 27 African nations now have a US military presence.

He has waged war on Libya without congressional approval, he tripled the troops in Afghanistan, he sharply escalated the drone wars in Pakistan and Yemen, he’s continued the proxy war in Somalia, he tried to start a war in Syria, he supports Israel’s war on Gaza (as did every Democratic US Senator), and now he’s started another war in Iraq. And yes, it is a war in Iraq – anytime you drop bombs in a country it is a war.

Obama’s Bush-like rhetoric regarding Iraq is particularly disturbing. You would think Dick Cheney is writing the president’s speeches again when you hear Obama mocking Americans by saying the US is just sending military “advisers” to Iraq to stop ISIS because they are a threat to national security. He even has the nerve to package US airstrikes as a “humanitarian” effort. What’s next, having an orgy to encourage celibacy? Or having a keg party to promote sobriety?

It’s bad enough that Obama’s followers give him a pass on his hyper-violent foreign policy and the corresponding deceit, but for them to sit back and remain silent as Obama and the US are on the same side as ISIS in Syria and now are bombing them in Iraq is sickening. But the Democratic Party knows their constituency will just covers their eyes and ears. They know their voters prefer to be willfully ignorant.

And to top it off, the Obama administration is supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Can you imagine what Democrats would be saying if a Republican president supported neo-Nazis? But again, their guy does it and they either deny it or look the other way.

St. Pete for Peace knew Obama was not a person of peace after reading his words in 2002 in which he stated, “I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war.” Can you imagine if he replaced the word “war” with “child abuse” or “sexual assaults”? Are child abuse and sexual assault worse than war? Of course not, since all wars include child abuse and sexual assault, as was stated earlier.

For years we’ve heard Democrats say they “can’t risk having a Republican in office” for fear of what that might mean for domestic issues. We believe it’s time for people in this country to look past their own noses for a minute and to consider what the party they voted for is doing to other people around the world.

And to those people who claim that John McCain or Mitt Romney would have bombed even more countries than Obama has bombed, well, Obama has already bombed two more countries than Bush bombed, so that claim is baseless.

DONN MARTEN: So, is it just Obama’s foreign policy that makes you believe he and the Democrats are at least as bad as Republicans?

CHRIS ERNESTO: Definitely not. The Obama Fact Sheet on the St. Pete for Peace website maps it all out. It includes news reports from the past six years detailing things Obama has done. Here are some of the lowlights.

Obama has a “secret kill list” that he discusses on “Terror Tuesdays”, and he has assassinated at least 4 US citizens without trial.

Obama fully defends the NSA spying program and mandated the Insider Threat Program, which orders federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues.

He has waged a war on whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

He signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law, giving Monsanto complete legal protection as they poison our food and crush family businesses.

He has deported a record-2 million immigrants.

He did a TV commercial for “clean coal”, he touted nuclear power even after the Fukishima disaster, and said that offshore oil drilling is safe even after the Gulf oil spill.

He is pushing the TPP, which is essentially NAFTA on steroids.

He sold $30 billion worth of weapons to the Saudi Arabian dictatorship.

He defended body scans and pat downs at airports.

He signed the Patriot Act extension into law.

He planned $355 billion for a nuclear weapons program.

More than 7,000 people were arrested during the Occupy protests under his watch.

Many people say that the Republican Party is scary and dangerous. We agree, so why has Obama given Bush and Cheney absolute immunity for everything they’ve done?

Obama keeps pushing the perilous notion of “American Exceptionalism” and the false, jingoistic concept that the US military is a force for good and is “protecting our freedoms.” Following the disastrous Bush years, Obama could have easily taken the US down a different path but he has instead pushed the same ideals as Bush, just in a more intelligently spoken, charming way. Manifest Destiny and xenophobia are principles that could have been laid to rest, or at least diffused. Instead, Obama and Democrats have normalized them.

DONN MARTEN: OK but if a Supreme Court Justice retires while Obama is president, you’d have to admit this would be better than a Supreme Court Justice retiring when a Republican were president, right?

CHRIS ERNESTO: The Supreme Court has the final say in the law in the United States, a self-described “country of laws.” If the United States were a democracy, the people of the US would get to vote on who becomes a Supreme Court Justice. And the people of the US would be able to throw out of office a person who’s on the Supreme Court. But we don’t because we don’t have anything close to a democracy. Given the recent passage of Citizens United and McCutcheon, the only people who will be elected into Congress or the White House will be those who raise the most money, and the vast majority of that money will come from corporations, not everyday people. Similarly, corporate money, not a particular party will determine who becomes the next Supreme Court Justice, regardless of who’s in the Oval Office.

But even if it did matter, can you live with yourself knowing that you voted for a murderer just because you think she or he may possibly appoint someone to the bench who is more aligned with your domestic views? What message does it send to our children if we say it’s OK to vote for someone who murders just because you may get something out of it?

DONN MARTEN: What about gay marriage? Obama has done better than a Republican president would have done on this issue, correct?

CHRIS ERNESTO: During his first term, when Obama was opposed to gay marriage, St. Pete for Peace was supporting actions and groups who believe in full equality for everyone. Prior to his re-election, Obama obviously was told he needed the votes of the LGBTQ community, so he changed his position. Of course this is good news, and you see what can happen when the President does the right thing — being pro-gay marriage is now cool. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did the same thing for other issues, like how the FBI uses false sting operations to target Muslims in the US, or how police in this country have become so militarized that young black men and protesters are treated like 2nd class citizens?

DONN MARTEN: But Democrats are better than Republicans on gun rights and a woman’s right to choose, doesn’t that matter?

CHRIS ERNESTO: If a Republican President tried to overturn Roe v. Wade there would be millions of people on the street. People would stop going to work, the economy would slow down and there would be a near revolution. The same holds true for if a Democratic President tried to overturn the 2nd Amendment.

Both parties know this. So, when the Republicans need to energize their voting base, they start telling people “Obama wants to take away your guns.” Democrats do the same with the abortion issue.

On a state level, it is a different story, but when it comes to Congress and the White House, the issues of guns and abortion are simply a way to maintain the Republican vs. Democrat paradigm, and to trick people into plugging their nose and voting for “the lesser of two evils.” But it’s just a ruse.

DONN MARTEN: OK, regarding your contest, how will the winner of the contest be selected?

CHRIS ERNESTO: A committee from St. Pete for Peace will read through all of the submissions and determine which response best describes why Obama and the Democrats are “NOT the lesser of two evils.” All entries will be viewed anonymously and extra weight will be given to brief responses – we’re looking for talking points more so than essays. You can enter the contest at

DONN MARTEN: Finally, Chris, if you only had 10 seconds to challenge a Democrat today, what would you say?

CHRIS ERNESTO: Hop to it, Democrats, or you’re going to make many of us cheer for an all Republican Congress and hope that the next President of the United States is a Republican. At least that way, maybe Democrats will become “antiwar” again.

The only true “hope” and “change” will come to America when people begin to turn off their television sets and find out the real truth about who is really running this country. It is because of groups like St. Pete for Peace and other dedicated activists, independent participants who put country before party and alternative media journalists, bloggers and media savvy volunteers who are able to circumvent the corrupt state-corporate media to spread the word that all is not as it seems.


LINK: Tampa Bay Independent Radio Station WMNF 88.5 interview with Dina Formentini of St. Pete For Peace.